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False consensus
People tend to evaluate their thoughts and behaviours based on other people. Consequently, what we believe is often heavily influenced by what we think others believe, and our interpretation of the social environment. In so doing though, we tend to overestimate the level to which other people share our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours.
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Thinking less
Don’t always consider all your options. Don’t necessarily go for the outcome that seems best every time. Make a mess on occasion. Travel light. Let things wait. Trust your instincts and don’t think too long. Relax. Toss a coin ... to thine own self be true.
Friday, June 22, 2018 ... more
Anthony Bourdain, chef, travel host and writer, was found dead last Friday at age 61 in what CNN described as a suicide. Bourdain rose from what he called a low-level line cook in his late 30s to a celebrity TV host in one of the most memorable second acts in American life.
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Easy decisions
Many of the most successful people adopt simple, versatile decision-making heuristics to remove the need for deliberation in particular situations. One heuristic might be defaulting to saying no, as Steve Jobs did. Or saying no to any decision that requires a calculator or computer, as Warren Buffett supposedly does.
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uncomfortable truth
Whether you vote or not will almost certainly have no influence on the outcome of an election. Nor will the amount of carbon you personally put into the atmosphere make a difference in the fate of the planet. And perhaps it really should be
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As things are
What was after the universe? Nothing. But was there anything around the universe to show where it stopped before the nothing place began? It could not be a wall; but there could be a thin line there all around everything ... It pained him that he did not know well what politics meant and that he did not know where the universe ended.
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The stock photograph of a smiling couple was meant, presumably, to bring comfort to the viewer. If the faux couple being paid to grin while staring slightly off to the right could be happy, so could you. ― Mandy Ashcraft
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Why live
At the beginning of his book, Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, Steven Pinker tells the story of a student who, after a lecture, asked him, “Why should I live?” On realising that this was not a case of suicidal ideation or mere smart-assery, he gave her this answer
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“Wisdom is a practical ability,” says Rolf Dobelli in his book The Art of the Good Life. “It’s a measure of the skill with which we navigate life. Once you’ve come to realise that virtually all difficulties are easier to avoid than to solve, the following simple definition will be self-evident: “Wisdom is prevention.”

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We rarely recognize that most investment debates – debates that literally make markets – are just a reflection of people making different decisions not because they disagree with each other, but because they view investing with a different set of priorities.
Friday, April 20, 2018 ... more
Millionaire mindset
A special class of self-help gurus - none of whom were rich until they developed this particularly grift - have dedicated themselves to convincing people that if you only believe it, it can happen; that the main thing that separates the rich from the poor is their mindset.
Friday, April 13, 2018 ... more
Moving Forward
I realized then that the universe is governed by laws, and that the human being, along with society itself, was not exempt from these laws. Then came the crash of 1929, which began with what we now call "The Great Depression." I found it difficult to understand why millions were out of work, homeless, starving, while all the factories were sitting there, the resources were unchanged.
Friday, April 6, 2018 ... more
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