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"Grande profundum est ipse homo," said Augustine of Hippo. "A human being is a vast oceanic depth" — and just as fearfully and mightily unpredictable. Augustine lived on the Mediterranean's southern shore and feared its rages, while he and his contemporaries knew that worse still lay beyond the "pillars of Hercules"
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To be happy
Research shows your mood in the morning affects your mood for the rest of the day. “We saw that employees could get into these negative spirals where they started the day in a bad mood and just got worse over the course of the day,” says Steffanie Wilk, associate professor at Ohio State University.
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No man is an island entire of itself… wrote John Donne almost 400 years ago and, aside from the sexism of the male pronoun, his words are as true now as they were then. I believe they will be just as true in the future, and apply to scientific discovery as well as to philosophy
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The conservative banker is an impressive specimen, diffusing the healthy glow which comes of moderation in eating, living, and thinking. He sits in state and spends his days saying, with varying inflections and varying contexts, 'no.' ... His business might be defined as the lending of money exclusively to people who have no pressing need of it. - Fred Schwed Jr.
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“I never believed in Santa Claus. None of us kids did. Mom and Dad refused to let us. They couldn’t afford expensive presents and they didn’t want us to think we weren’t as good as other kids who, on Christmas morning, found all sorts of fancy toys under the tree that were supposedly left by Santa Claus.
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In a 17th and 18th Century world where monarchs ruled with a heavy fist, pirate ships operated under an innovative system of equality, bound by written constitutions. The fact that a group of old-age criminals, who stole for profit, followed a system of equality is surprising at first.
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Many people who interview applicants for jobs think that they are good at picking the "right" applicant. They think that they know how to pick appropriate employees based not just the content of the applicant's answers, but also on his or her nonverbal behaviour while answering.
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10x Rule
Big Ideas from The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone: Tackle every project like your life depends on it, and over time, you must succeed. It’s been said that you are the sum total of the five people who are closest to you, so surround yourself with exceptional thinkers and doers.
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Problem's behavioural
The common advice is don’t invest until you’ve paid off all your debt. “Paying down debt should be your only priority. Until you’re debt-free, investing and saving can wait.” It makes intuitive sense. The problem is a behavioural one.
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Sarah Callender admits “In spite of the sun finally doing its job, in spite of me getting to exercise a bit more, in spite of a more relaxed schedule, in spite of the opportunity to take a break from packing school lunches, summer ends with me feeling like I’ve been injected with a massive dose of BLAH.
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From George Lorimer in Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to his Son: Appearances are deceitful, I know, but so long as they are, there's nothing like having them deceive for us instead of against us.
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Why haven’t we made contact with extra-terrestrials yet? We’ve been scanning the heavens for evidence of alien life for decades now and still haven’t detected any signs of their existence.
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Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines
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Friendly robot
To see where thinking machines are headed we need to look into the unforgiving mirror the internet holds up to our nature. Like the processed foods on grocery store shelves, Internet content is a product of selection for whatever sells.
Friday, November 18, 2016 ... more
Experts are clever people. They know about things that most people don’t understand. Experts become clever by doing ‘research’. When we aren’t sure about something, experts are there to guide us. We must listen to experts.
Friday, November 11, 2016 ... more
But we also know that to be educated, the goal of it must be liberation. A liberation enabling each of us to fulfil our capacity so as to be free to create within and around ourselves ...
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More advice
Treat everyone you meet as if you have secret information that they are about to become extremely rich. Never tell a lie but never tell the whole truth, and never miss an opportunity to go to the lavatory. Everything matters, but nothing matters that much. Make sure you marry someone who can cook. Never fall out with anyone. Never leave the bar first because everyone will talk about you.
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Humanity is a biological species, living in a biological environment, because like all species, we are exquisitely adapted in everything: from our behaviour, to our genetics, to our physiology, to that particular environment in which we live.
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Perhaps you know some well-off families who do not seem to suffer from their riches. They do not overeat themselves; they find occupations to keep themselves in health; they do not worry about their position; they put their money into safe investments and are content with a low rate of interest; and they bring up their children to live simply and do useful work.
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Sicence as philosophy
Science is not the observation of rare and hidden phenomena that can be produced only by experiments, but the study of those that are obvious and accessible to everyone, which will lead to the discovery of the most important truths.
Friday, October 7, 2016 ... more
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