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Six simple questions
Fred Schwed Junior’s, book Where are the Customers' Yachts? has long served as a warning against the "kindergarten" that is Wall Street. Written in a satire-like tone, the book is not only great fun but contains many investment truths. Including the following quiz that asks would-be investors six questions.
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Don't work too hard
The notion of working ‘harder’ for a greater reward may apply in the job world, but in the world of trading, working harder, as in making more trades, can often result in losing more money.
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To do it right
You can be free. You can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be independent from routine and not answer to anybody. This is the life of a successful trader. Many aspire to this but few succeed. An amateur looks at a quote screen and sees millions of dollars sparkle in front of his face. He reaches for the money - and loses.
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The deadliness of second-handers
If you look at people, they are paying the price and wondering for what sin and telling themselves that they’ve been too selfish. [But] in what act or thought of them has there ever been a self? What was their aim in life? Greatness - in other people’s eyes. Fame, admiration, envy - all that which comes from others. Others dictated their convictions, which they did not hold, but they were satisfied that others believed that they held them.
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Role of luck
But does it help the investor to imply that the market is predictable and subject to unequivocal answers when the bum on the park bench probably has a good chance of being right as the savvy professional? I don’t think so. If nothing else, the market is confusing. Suggesting otherwise creates unrealistic expectations.
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Dealing with surprises
Michael Masters, founder of Masters Capital Management LLC, achieved near rock star status in 2008, when he testified before the U.S. Congress on the impact of speculators on oil prices. In the following extracts from Masters’ interview with Jack Swagger in Stock Market Wizards he tells us how to deal with market ‘surprises’.
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Give yourself a chance
One of the biggest problems facing the novice investor is unrealistic expectations. Your head is in the sky and you dream about making thousands a day from the start. But this is probably not going to happen. Most traders begin their career by losing money.
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Not-to-do list
“It is the ‘stop doing’ list that may well be the more important of the two as a mechanism for allocating the most precious of all resources: time” says Jim Collins in his book From Good to Great. “Most of us lead busy but undisciplined lives. We have ever-expanding ‘to do’ lists, trying to build momentum by doing, doing, doing—and doing more. And it rarely works.
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Media doesn't know either
After 40 years of commenting on the stock market, here is what Dick Davis has to say regarding the Media’s contribution to the investment game in his book, The Dick Davis Dividend.

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How important's psychology?
Markets offer unlimited opportunities for self-sabotage, as well as for self-fulfilment. Acting out your internal conflicts in the marketplace is an expensive proposition.
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Do something different
I know that on behalf of your elders and the entire nation, I'm expected to say I am sorry that the economy failed, the job market dried up, the housing market become uncertain — in other words, that we're handing you an unmitigated disaster.
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Better off if insider trading was legal?
Earlier in the year John Tammy, a senior economic adviser to H.C. Wainwright, came out against a practice that he argued was harming both the economy and investors: the ban of insider trading.
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RTM: Where it goes wrong.
Here's what I think happens with many people, we look at a stock market chart. Our eyes draw the line from the starting point to the ending point. We notice that the chart goes up and down, but eventually it always comes back to that nice straight line in the middle of all the jagged ups and downs. Our common sense mistakenly calls this "mean reversion," and we think we are seeing something significant ...
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Best to avoid the minefields
Have you heard the one about the poor guy who ends up lost in a minefield? Having no clue what to do, he prays, covers his eyes and walks a straight line. Miraculously, he survives. Brimming with confidence, he is convinced that if it happens again, he will employ the same technique to survive. You can figure out the rest of the story.
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And hope for the best
The one talent which is worth all other talents put together in all human affairs is the talent of judging right upon imperfect materials, the talent if you please of guessing right.
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Don't bother
The popular advice, “do your homework” is totally misguided. How can I be so presumptuous as to criticize advice that sounds so plausible and is so widely espoused?
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Corporate raider or just keeping management honest?
The "Icahn Lift" is the Wall Street catchphrase used to explain the upward bounce in a stock price that typically takes place when Carl Icahn starts buying into a company he believes is poorly managed.
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A final piece of advice
At the end of every interview with the Stock Market Wizards Jack Schwager would ask a final question along the lines of: Any last words? What lessons have you learned about investment? Any advice for novice traders? It was intended to extract the ultimate piece of investment advice.
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You’re not old … yet
Stanford University economist John B Shoven recently came up with an entirely new way of calculating when we reach the crest of that hill. Given the fact that we’re all in better shape and living longer, he argues that our true age should be determined not by years since birth but by years left to live.
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A 7 point programme from Ben's IA
“I was a hit and miss investor with some successes and some huge flops,” Ben Stein has revealed at Yahoo!Finance. “But I was almost always in a state of frenzy. Fear and self-loathing about the stock market and my investments took all of the pleasure and much of the profit out of my investing. Many a night and day, I sat looking at my statements and beating myself to a pulp over my mistakes.”
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The only solution
Investment success takes talent, education, training experience, effort, devotion to the craft. Making money is work – and we don’t know how to do it. We realise that this is about other kinds of work. If we aren’t surgeons we probably won’t try to perform appendectomies. But investment fools us.
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The price of being a super-sucker.
Jesse Livermore often talked about ‘suckers’. The worst being the ‘semi-sucker’ who was “the real all-the-year-round support of the commission houses. He lasts about three and a half years on average, as compared with a single season of from three to thirty weeks ...
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