Church going Friday, October 2, 2020
Once I am sure there's nothing going on I step inside, letting the door thud shut. Another church: matting, seats, and stone, And little books; sprawlings of flowers, cut For Sunday, brownish now; some brass and stuff Up at the holy end; the small neat organ; And a tense, musty, unignorable silence, Brewed God knows how long. Hatless, I take off My cycle-clips in awkward reverence... Back at the door I sign the book, donate an Irish sixpence, Reflect the place was not worth stopping for. Yet stop I did: in fact I often do. - Philip Larkin.

We will always need something like churches to give meaning to our lives. It will draw people to it, even in its ruined state. They will recognise the role it played in the lives of others and will see it as a sacred place, even if they do not believe the same things as those who originally worshipped there. God and religion represent the ideal ‘happy ending’ that everyone would like to believe exists. – Aoife O’Driscoll.

There is a primordial urge shared by almost everyone, a hungering for seriousness and meaning, a desire to clothe ourselves in grander destinies rather than thinking of life as simply kicking it around on earth for a bunch of decades before entering eternal nothingness… The earth, so wonderful and full of moments of bliss, is ultimately void, a sentiment many share. The church used to lead us to think otherwise, but with the decline of organized religion, the sense of void is inescapable. – Noam Osband.
But superstition, like belief, must die, And what remains when disbelief has gone? Grass, weedy pavement, brambles, buttress, sky, A shape less recognizable each week, A purpose more obscure. I wonder who Will be the last, the very last, to seek This place for what it was. – Philip Larkin.
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