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Ari Kiev, who died in 2009 at age 75, was the first psychiatrist appointed to the U.S. Olympic Sports Medicine Committee, where he had numerous successes with Olympic athletes. In his interview with Jack Schwager in Stock Market Wizards, he emphasised the importance of declaring your goals with this story: “Last year one trader made $28 million. At the start of this year, I asked him, "What is your goal for this year?" "Fifty [million]," he answered. "Fifty?" I asked. "Well . . ." I hear that "well" and I say, "Let's amplify that well. How much is in the well?" "I probably could make more." "How much more?" I asked. "I don't want to say," he replied. "Come on, say it." "I think I can make a hundred," he whispered. "Well, then say it." "Okay, I'm going to make a hundred." I tell him, "We're going to get the guys who work with you in here. We call them in and he says, "I was just talking to Ari and we're going to make one hundred million this year."

“He reached a hundred million that year,” says Kiev. “The key was getting him to recognize his own hesitation when he said that fifty million was his target… it's about eliminating that bit of uncertainty that reflects where someone is holding back. Letting others know that you have set a goal and are committed to achieving it makes it more likely you will achieve that goal, whether it is in the realm of athletics, trading, or something else. It's not a matter of making positive affirmations; the key is promising to do something, and then on a daily basis doing what you need to do to realize it. The objective of setting a target is not necessarily to reach it, but to establish a standard against which to measure your performance.”
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