Trading sardines Michel Pireu     | Business Day Thursday, March 14, 2019
From Linda Bradford Raschke’s book, Trading Sardines:

An older gentleman was walking along the wharf watching the fishing boats return from a hard day’s work... a group of men crowded at the end of the wharf ... They were bidding on a rare can of sardines. “Hundred dollar bid, hundred dollar bid, now one ten, now one twenty, will you give me one thirty?” The energy from the crowd was infectious. Overcome with emotion, the gentleman started raising his hand too, driving the bid even higher. “One sixty bid, now one sixty-five, will you give me one seventy? Going once, going twice.” Heart racing and determined not to be outbid, the gentleman raised his hand a shouted, “One seventy-five!” The auctioneer twirled around and said, “Sold!” The gentleman could hardly believe it. He was the winner. He tried to catch his breath as the other men patted him on the back and dispersed back to their homes for supper. The gentleman couldn’t wait to get back home to show the prize to his wife. Beaming with pride, he presented the rare can of sardines to his wife. She smiled at him and brought the tin over to the dinner table. They both sat down, preparing to feast on the delicacy the gentleman won. He hooked his finger around the tab and pulled the lid open. An awful stench hit him in the face. The can of sardines was rotten! The wife cried out as the gentleman jumped to his feet and raced out of the house back down to the wharf. He found the auctioneer cleaning up from the day and explained to him what happened, demanding a refund. The man let out a laugh and said, “You silly fool, those were trading sardines, not eating sardines.” Don’t place valuations on the things you are trading.
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