IT disorders Michel Pireu     | Business Day Friday, December 28, 2018
Extracts from a long list of possible tech-induced behavioural disorders published at Information is Beautiful:

Smart Tick: The compulsion to fill any momentary lull in stimulus or social contact with smartphone activity. Evident when a person that is briefly left alone at the dinner table reaches for their phone.

Hypermind: An experience of no gaps between stimuli: link to link to link to link. When part of a unified intent, the experience is described as “flow” - blissful and creatively fulfilling with a sense of timelessness. When purposeless it feels “empty” - frenzied, unfulfilling with a sense of time wasted.

Computational Bleed: Spilling of link and click dynamics from the digital world into “real life”, creating the expectation that the “ordinary world” should match the dynamism and responsiveness of the virtual. When (inevitably) it does not, impatience, frustration, and anger follow.

Online Identity Disturbance: The relocation of one’s sense of self into an online persona. Often resulting in an increased vulnerability to insults that may trigger narcissistic bruising and low self-esteem.

Info-dependency: A psychological dependency on regular hits of novel information. Often arises with an aversion towards anything of a non-stimulating nature (e.g. school, work, etc.).

Notification Trough: A sense of excruciating anticipation in the time gap between posting something personal or creative and the first likes, comments and shares.

Wiki-ism: A constant evaluation and debunking of socially-exchanged facts using “Wikipedia Gold Standard”, often alongside combative dismissals (“What’s your source on that?”). Wikists are invariably contemptuous of people who exhibit ‘lower grade’ reasoning.

Critical Goo: A digitally-amplified version of naivety and gullibility where any fact published online is taken at face-value, with no discernment around trustworthiness of source. Most evident around subjects the person wants to be true (UFOs, vaccine dangers, superiority of vegan diets, etc.).

Techno Guilt: “Because we understand that deep down, the reach for distraction disrupts something important.”

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