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Risk is what's left over when you think you've thought of everything. - Carl Richards

When a possibility is unfamiliar to us, we do not even think about it. - Nate Silver

There is probably no worse investment strategy than following the conventional wisdom with a time-lag, and that is precisely what many small investors do - often with the encouragement of their advisers. ― John Kay

Pundits forecast not because they know, but because they are asked. - John Kenneth Galbraith

“Acknowledge the complexity of the world and resist the impression that you easily understand it. People are too quick to accept conventional wisdom, because it sounds basically true and it tends to be reinforced by both their peers and opinion leaders, many of whom have never looked at whether the facts support the received wisdom. It's a basic fact of life that many things "everybody knows" turn out to be wrong.” ― Jim Rogers

Investment, if you like, is a math exam where the powers that be work out the answers based on new formulae they develop after your papers have been handed in. - Marc Faber

No one can foresee the consequences of trivia and accident, and for that reason alone, the future will forever be filled with surprises. - Dan Gardner

The stock market is a giant distraction to the business of investing. - John Bogle

In the corporate world, if you have analysts, due diligence, and no horse sense, you've just described hell. - Charlie Munger

“The indignation school of writers never tires of pointing out the millions that are stolen in the Street. But while the millions are being stolen, the billions are being lost. Nothing crooked—just bad luck and bad brains met together in an effort to do something that couldn’t be done in the first place.” ― Fred Schwed Jr

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