Rich Michel Pireu     | Business Day Thursday, October 18, 2018
There’s only one metric for measuring your effectiveness in business that actually matters – money. Not job offers, not potential partnerships, not potential deals – cold, hard, cash. You can’t pay your rent with your potential because potential is worthless. In business and in life, cash is king. – Will Freemen

Unfortunately, if you want anything – especially something lots of other people want, like money – you need to work your arse off; be smarter or at least more insightful than your competition; treat every task as an opportunity to enhance your reputation; exercise good judgment; have great patience; be attentive to what matters and what doesn’t; develop social skills, learn what motivates people; avoid getting side-tracked by distractions and nonsense; continue to learn; have valuable, marketable skills, and occasionally, get lucky. Just apply some combination of the above for a few decades, becoming more efficient and productive and luckier as time goes on. That’s not the only way to become rich – you could invent the next killer app or iPhone or cold fusion or what have you - but it is how most of the wealthy people got that way. - Barry Ritholtz

Can you get rich trading the stock market? Probably not, but it might be possible to become richer. Getting rich trading the market is close to impossible. It's only possible to the same degree that it’s possible for you to become a Formula 1 driver, a Champions League soccer player or an astronaut. That is, somebody achieves that, but you statistically won't. Getting richer, on the other hand, is statistically achieved by between 1 - 5% of traders. Which means you probably still won't be the one to become richer but a measurable number will. And by richer I mean, getting an extra 10% a year increase on your trading account, not 300% and becoming a legend. – Tom Sosnoff
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