From Tom Wiswell Michel Pireu     | Business Day Thursday, October 4, 2018
From Daily Speculations … proverbs from checkers champion Tom Wiswell that have Market import: After you lose a tough game there is only one thing to do: set them up and start all over again. One of the greatest errors is to think you have everything under control. If you want to be certain of your position, you must begin by doubting it. Some players have ability and knowledge, but lack discipline; without the third leg the tripod falls. There is a time to attack and a time to defend, and there is a time to wait and see; and you must know when to do what. When you invest in a new line of play, investigate … for information, and misinformation. Fast moves often lead to fast defeats: slow moves lead to slow victories. Many games are won by players who are smart many games are lost by players who are too smart. Behind every master there are analysts and players who supplied much fine play, plus coaches and writers who aided them and acted as sparring partners. Few players, if any, reach the top alone. Just because you are down a piece doesn’t mean that you should resign: in fact, a close look at the position might suggest you should re-sign. We depend on our sound moves to make our draws; and we depend on our opponent’s unsound moves to make our wins. Never let your hand move faster than your brain; synchronize your thought processes. No Matter how brilliant your opening is, and no matter how brilliant your mid-game is, it is often the endgame that determines the result of the match. Every move has a meaning all its own, and your job is to interpret that meaning and translate it into a win or a draw. The board never lies: but the players often misread it.
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