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You have to recognize that your own thoughts are not your own thoughts. They kind of filtered and percolated in from other people. It might seem like common sense, but it’s just what everybody is saying now. – Robert Shiller
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Everything gets destroyed a hundred times faster than it is built up. It takes one day to tear down something that might have taken ten years to build. If the economy starts to go with the kind of leverage that is in it, it will deteriorate so fast that people's heads will spin. I hate to believe it, but in my gut that is what I think is going to happen. I know from studying history that credit eventually kills all great societies. We borrowed against the future, and soon we will have to pay.
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- Paul Tudor-Jones (1989)
Margin call
Many people suffered big losses in the panic of 1929 mainly because they had their stocks well margined, or fully paid for, and were thus able to hold on too long. They would have lost less money if wiped out on the first dip. ...
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Thursday, February 14, 2019
Investors should concentrate on what is probable rather than what is possible. If you organized your life around things that might possibly happen to you, you’d probably never leave your house, and when you did, it would only be to buy a lottery ticket. ...
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019
7 traits
From Mark Sellers the founder of Sellers Capital, seven traits shared by great investors that maybe can’t be learned at all: The ability to buy when others are panicking and sell when others are euphoric. “Everyone thinks they can do this, but ...
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Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Undiscovered nooks
Benjamin Graham, John Templeton and David Swensen made their mark not in the best-lit chambers of the world’s securities markets, but rather in their undiscovered nooks. Graham didn’t have instant online access to the balance sheets ...
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Thursday, February 7, 2019
The great Winfield
“Look at him that middle aged fogey. He’s shocked,” said the great Winfield, pointing at me. “A portfolio selling at a hundred times earnings makes him go into a 1961 trauma.” “I loved 1961,” I said. “I love stocks selling at a hundred times earnings ...
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019
to be better
Know yourself. Work very hard to better understand how you, as an investor, react to both prosperity and adversity, and particularly to the market's manic swings, both euphoric and traumatic. If you don’t know who you are ...
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Tuesday, February 5, 2019
a non-financial read ...
Daniel Kahneman contends that happiness and satisfaction are distinct. Happiness is a momentary experience that arises spontaneously and is fleeting. Satisfaction is a long-term feeling, built over time and based on achieving goals and the kind of life we want. And working towards the one may undermine our ability to experience the other.
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the Bottom Line ...
The Cambridge Dictionary defines “the right stuff” as the qualities needed to do or to be something, especially something that most people would find difficult. In his biography of Warren Buffett, Roger Lowenstein maintains that Buffett’s genius “was largely a genius of character – of patience, discipline and rationality.”
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